Event Rules. As guests in the National Park and for the safety and comfort of all, participants must be familiar with these rules. Please read them a few times. there are hints here that will make your day safer and more comfortable.

  1. The event director has  final authority on any question that may arise during the Mt Cooroora Endurance Challenge. 
  2. Participants are to observe caution on the track and extreme caution on steep and stair sections. The metal stairs can be very slippery when wet. Wearing gloves is strongly advised.
  3. You must abide by the race director or marshal directions when cut off times are reached.  Only full laps are counted. As the event finish time approaches, participants can only start the next lap if they have enough time to complete a full lap by the finish time. For example: If it is 14:16hrs and the participant completed their last lap in 40 to 50 minutes, whether they may proceed will depend on whether they think they can complete the lap by 1500hrs. If they go past 1500hrs the lap will not be counted. Although this strict finishing rule is set for reasons of safety and event management, it also adds another dimension to training for the event, ie; efficient pacing, tactical planning, thinking etc.

    For reasons of safety, ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE OFF THE TRACK BY 15:00hrs.

  4. Strictly no littering.  Any participant caught littering will be disqualified. We have a duty of care to respect the National Park and it’s environment. All drink bottles, food wrappers and the like must be carried by the participant or disposed of at the aid station bin.
  5. The event director  may remove a participant  from participation in the event  (i) on medical, health and safety grounds (including to prevent possible harm or injury to the participant or any other person), (ii) to prevent damage to any property, (iii) if the participant’s  behaviour is inappropriate, offensive, or abusive.
  6. Each participant’s number bib must be worn on the front or side (hip) of the body and must be easily visible at all times.
  7. Each participant must be checked in and checked out of the summit and start/finish checkpoints.
  8. Any participant who pulls out of the event before the 4 or 8 hour event time, must report to the start/finish checkpoint first 
  9. Participants must be appropriately attired for the terrain and weather conditions. Spare clothing, food, fluids and other personal requirements, may be carried in a backpack or left in the marked area near the aid station. Water and isotonic replacement drink will be available at the aid station. Wearing gloves is strongly advised.
  10. No animals can be taken into the National Park.
  11. Participant may have support crews. Support crews must abide by event rules and not impede other participants 
  12. The course track will still be open to the public and participants must abide by track etiquette toward ALL walker, hikers and runners on the track.
  13. Participants heading up hill must give way to descending persons (unless the descending person gives way voluntarily and clearly indicates so). Where practical keep to the left of the track.
  14. Participants must read and agree to the event waiver on the entry form. A copy of the waiver can be found on the sub page button marked Waiver.