Description & Map

The course starts about 400m from the road on the Mt Cooroora track at the position marked start. (See map below).


From the grassy park area walk into the track entrance and up the track about 100m and turn right onto the "Track 5" marker post. Follow this track up to the large concrete water tank, walk left around the tank and you will see the Registration tent. The start is about100m up the track after the tent.

The track then gradually rises about 90m and as it winds its way about 750m to the point marked steep section. It is marked "steep section", because it is extremely steep.

The track then rises sharply about 190m over about 450m to the summit. At this point participants turn around and follow the track back down to the start point to complete a full lap.

Individual participants will carry on repeating this course.

Relay team participants will tag a team member who will then complete a lap and so on.

The total distance of a return (ascent/descent) of the course is approximately 2.4km.

There will be an AID STATION (with water and ionic replacement drinks) at the start with an area nearby for participants to leave gear bags, food and drinks etc.

Registration and event briefings will take place at the registration site adjacent to the concrete water tank.

8 hour event starts 7am. Registration 5:30-6:15am. Event compulsory briefing 6:30am sharp

4 hour event starts 11am. Registration 9:30-10:15am. Event compulsory briefing 10:30am sharp

Collect registration packs and number bibs at registration. Participants can place there gear bags at the aid station area any time before the event start time as long as they are at the briefing on time.

The course map is not to scale. It is a skewed relief view to give an indication of elevation.

As a guide

Very fit mountain runners will typically run the section from the start to the summit in under 15 minutes (25 minutes return).

Fit and able hiker/walker/joggers will do that section in 20 to 30 minutes (35 to 50 minutes return).

Average healthy people out for a stroll will take 40+ minutes (70 minutes return). Though even a stroll is arduous on this track.

These are single lap times, doing repeat laps will be substantially slower for most people.

Course Records for 2016              RED Times are overall course records

1st Female 8hrs event, 11 laps in 7hrs43       Cheryl Davis

1st Female 4hrs event, 5 laps in 3hrs53       Lauren Berecry  

1st Male 8hrs event, 12 laps in 7hrs33        Justin Ryan

 1st Male 4hrs event, 7 laps in 3hrs33        Trevor Allen


Course Records for 2017


1st Female 8hrs event, 10 laps in 7hrs22     Scout Hinchcliffe

1st Female 4hrs event, 5 laps in 3hrs36       Louise Bond


1st Male 8hrs event, 12 laps in 7hrs21          Jason Collett   

1st Male 4hrs event, 8 laps in 3hrs58           Trevor Allen